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🌌 You want to reach more customers online. You know what you offer is super beneficial to the environment and the community around you. (You offer badass products or services).

🎇 You have a local business or service and your customers are in the community (meaning you’re not looking to service other businesses).

🌎 You care about the well-being of others. Whether that means you are looking to elevate and heal the minds and bodies of your clients, or you are eco-conscious and want to be apart of the positive change in our world.

🦄 You are ready to see change NOW. You are ready to invest in your business, grow your community and increase sales.

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My name is Jen McKee. I am a wife, a mom of 2 little ones and owner and operator of Kee Hart Marketing & Events.

I love the beach, CrossFit and creating great habits, boundaries and systems.

I am an entrepreneur through and through. I love to learn and be challenged. I work every day to learn more and more about the digital marketing field to be best to serve you and your business.

I believe in climate change- and I have a mission to be apart of the ocean clean up (and get rid of single use plastic).

I believe in human rights. Every human should have equal rights and opportunities.

I believe in this great and abundant universe. I am open to all it has to offer me.

If you relate to these 3 things, I would love to connect.