Are you a plumbing, HVAC, or electrical shop owner with a thriving business, pulling in over 7 figures in annual sales? Are you ready to make your mark and take your business to the next level? Look no further – we specialize in turning your social media presence into a powerful growth engine.

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If people don't know you exist -- they can't hire you.

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At Kee Hart Marketing, we're not your typical marketing agency. We're trailblazers in the world of social media for the trades, and we're the only marketing company that specializes in TikTok for the trades industry. We know how to make you show up, stand out, and scale up.

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"She fully understands our branding and our story...

"We started working with Jen early 2021 with a goal to be seen on all social platforms. Jen and Kee Hart Marketing have continuously delivered on our goal and we were able to close our biggest month yet this April. She fully understands our branding and our story and we're so grateful to have her company as a part of our team."

A  Plumber

Had their best month yet

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Thoroughly pleased with the results and hard work Jen and her team have done for us!

 We have an HVAC business that we recently added plumbing and rebranded…. We needed to be relevant across every spectrum of the marketing “wheel”. We didn’t realize how important social media is in the HVAC/Plumbing business. So we decided that we needed to partner with someone that could take us to the next level. Rest assured we only partner with the best! In no time Kee Hart had us broadcasted across every social media platform! My friends and family started saying I see yall everywhere!!! Catapulting our revenue and launching plumbing in about 2 months! We started with 1 plumber 5 months ago and will be hiring our 3rd plumber in the next month. Don’t waste your time with anyone else.

An HVAC company

grew a new trade

"Jen has a natural way about her that makes for a comfortable working relationship. She's provided a real boom to my business--even during a pandemic."

My initial expectation was for Jen to promote my business via social media, but she has gone way beyond that with personal visits to potential referral sources. She's invested the time to gain understanding of my work and how to market it so that people will grasp it's significance.

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Has grown exponetially

📈 Watch your business grow as you start receiving calls from people who've seen you all over social media.
💼 Attract top-notch recruits who want to work with a dynamic and recognized brand.
📚 Share incredible stories about your work and your community.
🏆 Gain recognition and respect from others in your industry.

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