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After spending years creating a full copy 400+ page book, Clara launched her sale with Kee Hart Marketing and closed bringing in $10,582 on her $490.44 ad spend.

Author made 21x her ad spend

Local Business seen by over 100,000 people

With goals to be as visible as possible, this local business has aspirations on every platform. Their number one goal? To be seen. Kee Hart results to date? Views on Tik Tok: 300,000+ Views on Instagram: 100,000+

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Restaurant owner grew sales 10% year-over-year

The pandemic proved to be the hardest for the restaurant industry. Social media helped this restaurant not only keep in touch with their customers, but have record breaking sales each month in 2021.

Let's see what you can do on Tik Tok!

We are all about Tik Tok these days. It's the best place to grow brand awareness and get all eyes on YOUR company!

I want these results!
I want these results!

Clara says...

"Jen is AMAZING! She's fast, she knows her field so well, and she truly understood what I was looking for! I LOVE working with Jen :)"

I want these results!
I want to be on Tik Tok

Noel says...

What can I say about Kee Hart marketing? Jen is simply wonderful. She is so hands on with her clients. She comes into your business to really get a feel of what you are all about and to get to know your clientele so she can really connect with them and reach them on your social media platforms. I have been working with her for about a year now and she has completely taken the stress of social media marketing off my shoulder. I have too many other things to focus on and I trust her completely!! Not only does she manage my social media accounts but she also responds to emails, reviews, and guest who comment on post. She is engaging, fun, and responsive with my following and they love it!!! And so do I!!! And if that wasn’t enough she makes sure to sit down with you every month and go over analytic with you to show you what your audience is connecting with and what they're not to make sure you are getting the best results possible. Thank you Jen for doing such an outstanding for Dry Dock Oyster Bar.

Case STudies

"She fully understands our branding and our story...

"We started working with Jen early 2021 with a goal to be seen on all social platforms. Jen and Kee Hart Marketing have continuously delivered on our goal and we were able to close our biggest month yet this April. She fully understands our branding and our story and we're so grateful to have her company as a part of our team."

A  Plumber

Had their best month yet

Yes, It's Worth It

Jen is so easy to work with and knows how to put your business goals in mind when thinking of your social media strategy!

I thought it was going to be challenging at the beginning to let go of being in control (as social media plays a huge role in how potential clients see your business) but her amazing work and delivery met my expectations and I completely trust her! Highly recommend Kee Hart Marketing if you are needing help with social media!

A counselor

scaled their business by 4x

"Jen has a natural way about her that makes for a comfortable working relationship. She's provided a real boom to my business--even during a pandemic."

My initial expectation was for Jen to promote my business via social media, but she has gone way beyond that with personal visits to potential referral sources. She's invested the time to gain understanding of my work and how to market it so that people will grasp it's significance.

An expert

Has grown exponetially

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