Crush your business goals with social media.

“What can I say about Kee Hart Marketing? Jen is simply wonderful. She is so hands-on with her clients. She comes into your business to really get a feel of what you are all about and to get to know your clientele so she can really connect with them and reach them on your social media platforms.”
-Noel M. Owner, Dry Dock Oyster Bar

My guarantee: See positive results in 90 days or your retainer fees refunded. 

Start making more money

And stop feeling guilty about ignoring your social media and marketing.

Social Media

Look your best on Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok & more!

  • Show up consistently
  • Build your brand seemlessly
  • Gain a community of followers that LOVE your brand.

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads DO work!

  • Generate consistent leads
  • Drive traffic to your website
  • Expand your brand’s reach

Digital Marketing Consulting

What all do you really need to be doing?

  • Be in the know of all the top digital trends
  • Expert advice as you need it
  • Access to resources and top notch referrals

Social Media Advisory Program

Ready to do it yourself?

  • Learn the skills to master social media on your own
  • Accountability to keep you on track
  • Pride and confidence in managing your own social accounts.

Meet Jen McKee–founder Kee Hart Marketing

Should we work together? How do you know I’m the one for you? 

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 You want to reach more customers online. You know what you offer is super beneficial to the environment and the community around you. (You offer badass products or services).

 You have a local business or service and your customers are in the community (meaning you’re not looking to service other businesses).

 You care about the well-being of others. Whether that means you are looking to elevate and heal the minds and bodies of your clients, or you are eco-conscious and want to be apart of the positive change in our world.

 You are ready to see change NOW. You are ready to invest in your business, grow your community and increase sales.

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