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5 Things I learned at Start Up Week

For 4 years now San Antonio has hosted Start up week, and this is my second year attending. San Antonio has recently been called “City on the rise”, and if you live here, you completely understand. A city that was once the biggest small town you’ve ever been to has quickly become home to many […]

How Successful Learners Learn

Steve Cunningham, owner of readitfor.me gave a presentation called “How Successful Learners Learn. His company creates summaries of books for people that are too busy to read them. He is an avid reader and realized that others were not, so he created a solution. But his presentation at San Antonio Start up Week was about […]

Mentoring (a summary of the presentation by VelocityTX at SASW)

Day 1 at San Antonio Start up Week was my biggest day! The next lecture I attended was about mentoring. A mentor is a huge benefit when you’re starting your business. VelocityTX is a resource in San Antonio for start ups and Krista Covey, the VP of Economic Development and Operations spoke on the  topic of […]