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Finding your IDEAL client

One thing I see A LOT of business owners struggle with is this idea of their ideal client. They have such a hard time narrowing it down because they either1. Think everyone could use their product or service. (They don’t want to exclude anyone)or2. Have never really put a lot of time into thinking about […]

October Marketing Ideas

I LOVE OCTOBER!I mean really! It’s my favorite month of the year (am I the only one with a favorite month?) We even had our wedding in October because it’s such a great month. The only issue I have with October is, since I live in Texas, it’s still hot here. Like today for instance, […]

March Marketing Strategy

Get lucky this March (well maybe it’s not all luck!) Have your March marketing strategy in place to ensure your social media page is exciting and providing value for your followers! Create events to have fun in the restaurant and then capture the moments to tell your story online! Kee Hart Marketing & Events is […]

The reward of relationships

Alright guys, I’m no therapist here, but this weekend I learned a thing or two about relationships. Sunday, my brother and I threw a surprise party for my mom. It was her 60th birthday last week, and my mom loves the idea of surprise parties. My mom is one of my favorite people, she’s in […]