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5 Things I learned at Start Up Week

For 4 years now San Antonio has hosted Start up week, and this is my second year attending. San Antonio has recently been called “City on the rise”, and if you live here, you completely understand. A city that was once the biggest small town you’ve ever been to has quickly become home to many […]

Finding your IDEAL client

One thing I see A LOT of business owners struggle with is this idea of their ideal client. They have such a hard time narrowing it down because they either1. Think everyone could use their product or service. (They don’t want to exclude anyone)or2. Have never really put a lot of time into thinking about […]

Influencer Marketing

This is such a hot topic in the digital marketing world! I saw a great panel moderated by Christina Jovanna Olivarez @socialbutterflygal. The panel consisted of influencers Christina Coker @christina_coker, Rick Martinez @planet_boy and Stephanie Guerra @puropinchesa. There were some wonderful snippets of gold. I also learned more about how influencer marketing works and how […]

My Top 4 Podcasts

About a month ago, the starts all aligned and my best group of girls friends and I took a weekend girls trip. The last time we had done this was 3 years before and we’ve since added 6 kids to the tribe! (Crazy, I know) But there’s something so refreshing about a weekend with the […]

6 Instagram tips for bars and restaurant.

If you are a bar or restaurant, I hope you have put your business on Instagram. If not, it is time. Why, you might ask? First of all, Instagram is a feed of pictures. There are a ton of  things to take pictures of in your place. I will go in to that in the […]

How to Capture Potential Customers at a vendor event

Let’s talk about vendor events! I’ve attended some, I’ve vended some, I’ve even hosted some. I love them! Meeting other people who are hustling just like you, so inspiring! And talking about your business, so much fun! But there is a huge thing I think a lot of people miss to close the sale: capturing […]