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Social media should be leveraged to fortify customer loyalty, manage brand reputation and increase profits

Social Media Management

Kee Hart Marketing offers social media management for your B2C business.

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Kee Hart Marketing works with individuals up to marketing teams to create unique, big picture strategy based around your upcoming events or goals.

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Kee Hart Marketing offers custom tailored workshops, work groups and 1-on-1 coaching sessions.

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What others are saying

"Jen provides personal, and insightful direction for the social media beginner and moderate business person. She teaches the basics and importance of organic social media design, along with setting up the client to understand what is expected from a social media service when they are ready to increase their influence and presence. I highly recommend this agency!!"
Jenny B.
"There's no doubt this girl knows her stuff. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone seeking guidance on how to grow their business using social media."
Yoli G.
"I attended the social media workshop that Jen of Kee Marketing & Events hosted and she was amazing. She is very knowledgeable and very proficient working with beginners and seasoned entrepreneurs. It was a great experience and look forward to working with Jen in the future."
Laura W.

Tips, Tricks & Life Lessons from Jen McKee

Instagram: Feed vs Stories

We know that Instagram users are consuming so much content by stories. Heck, we might even be apart of that number (I know I love a good story time). But what’s the difference between feed posts and stories, and how should you be using each? Let’s dive in. Feed Let’s start with the OG. The […]

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The 5 types of social media content

Trying to think of what to post next? It can feel overwhelming at times. Try to pull from one of these 5 types of social media content and stress no more! It’s best to create a monthly strategy using all of these periodically. They all add to your overall brand message and help foster engagement […]

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My 2020 word of the year is clarity. My goal with this word is to keep the focus. Set clear goals each quarter for my business, my relationships, my personal growth and my house. I’m so ready to take on this new year and new decade! Happy New Year, friends!!

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