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September Marketing Ideas

What a great month! The kids are back to school, football season is starting, and if you live here in San Antonio with me, it still feels like the dead of summer. I’m pretty sure today had the highest heat index this year so far. But, I know those fall days are right around the […]

March Marketing Strategy

Get lucky this March (well maybe it’s not all luck!) Have your March marketing strategy in place to ensure your social media page is exciting and providing value for your followers! Create events to have fun in the restaurant and then capture the moments to tell your story online! Kee Hart Marketing & Events is […]

February Marketing Strategy

Besides the obvious February Marketing (*cough*Valentine’s Day) , there are some creative and fun things to capitalize on in your February marketing strategy. When it comes to bars and restaurants, food related things are always good! But think about your brand and your story. How can you relate to your guests and bring out new […]

5 Tricks to Growing your Business Facebook page

You’ve created your Facebook business page! Great job! Now you’re probably asking yourself; “how do I get more followers?” “How do my potential customers know what’s going on?” “How is Facebook really going to help my business?”. Well, I’ve got all the answers! BE CONSISTENT! Make sure you are consistently updating your audience about what’s […]

5 reasons your restaurant should be active on Facebook

By now, almost everyone I know is on some form of social media (I do have a few friends that are very choosy about the ones they spend their time on :)) If you own a business and you’re not utilizing social media channels, it’s time to jump on board! If you don’t already have […]

The reward of relationships

Alright guys, I’m no therapist here, but this weekend I learned a thing or two about relationships. Sunday, my brother and I threw a surprise party for my mom. It was her 60th birthday last week, and my mom loves the idea of surprise parties. My mom is one of my favorite people, she’s in […]


Happy New Year! I know everyone has said it 1000 times. I can’t believe it’s already 2019! The year has gone by so quickly. There has been many ups and many downs. 2018 was a year for me to start over. After marriage and kids, I found myself in a career I was no longer […]