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November Marketing Ideas

There are so many holiday ideas you can use to strategize for your business these last months of the year. I’ve got some November marketing ideas, ideal for an restaurant or small business you have. Hashtag Holidays Every month there are A TON of different hashtag holidays you can find. I suggest you google “hashtag […]

Finding your IDEAL client

One thing I see A LOT of business owners struggle with is this idea of their ideal client. They have such a hard time narrowing it down because they either1. Think everyone could use their product or service. (They don’t want to exclude anyone)or2. Have never really put a lot of time into thinking about […]

Influencer Marketing

This is such a hot topic in the digital marketing world! I saw a great panel moderated by Christina Jovanna Olivarez @socialbutterflygal. The panel consisted of influencers Christina Coker @christina_coker, Rick Martinez @planet_boy and Stephanie Guerra @puropinchesa. There were some wonderful snippets of gold. I also learned more about how influencer marketing works and how […]

Creating Flyers

When I first started college, I didn’t know what I wanted “to be”. I always loved art and words and combining them, so I went for Graphic Design. After a couple years at a junior college, my university plans had to change and I decided to apply to schools in California. Having lived in Texas […]