The 5 types of social media content

Trying to think of what to post next? It can feel overwhelming at times. Try to pull from one of these 5 types of social media content and stress no more! It’s best to create a monthly strategy using all of these periodically. They all add to your overall brand message and help foster engagement (which is important so the platforms will keep showing your content.)


What it is: This could be a meme. It could be a cute/funny picture. But it’s created in order to entertain. This probably takes the least amount of energy to create. It could just be a great food porn picture if you’re a restaurant.

What’s the point?: People use social media as a distraction from whatever is going on in their life. Entertaining posts are great for collecting likes or loves. They catch your audience’s eye, but they don’t really hit any heart strings. This is probably the most surface type of post, but still super important.


What it is: This could be a graphic or a quote. It could be a feel good video. It could even be a great story. This takes a little bit of thinking (and some vulnerability) to create.
What’s the point?: We all like to be inspired. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and teach them a little about yourself. Depending on what you’re selling it can also help your audience see what is possible for them. It’s great for the algorithm because people are likely to share, comment on and save inspirational things. Inspiration should always be apart of your content. I like to include it weekly.


What it is: Being that it’s educational, it’s obviously something that teaches. You could do a video that teaches about your product. But it could also be used to teach your audience things in your area of expertise. If you’re a car repair shop it could be different things about cars. Or if you’re a counselor maybe it’s an infographic about anxiety.

What’s the point?: This is a great post to help build trust. For your followers to see that you’re in it to help them, not just make money. And if you’re teaching about your product it can also be great for your followers to understand it more. These posts will likely be shared, saved and liked. All very good for the algorithm


What it is: This is a post used to start a conversation. After all, it’s called SOCIAL media. This can be a trivia question, a this or that post or even a poll or open ended question on Instagram stories. It can be used to get your followers opinion on new options or to learn more about them.
What’s the point?: Anything that encourages followers to comment is great for the algorithm which ultimately means more people will see it. But it’s also great because it gives you a huge opportunity to talk to your community. And gives you insight on what they like and want.


What it is: This type of post is an opportunity for you to go a bit deeper with your followers. This could be anything that gives your audience a chance to connect. Think: Facebook Live or a picture of you and your spouse. You don’t have to share things you’re not comfortable sharing, but you can still get a little deeper. Maybe it’s the story of how you started your business, or maybe you share something about a current event that you relate to. Don’t think you have to cross your own boundaries to connect with your audience.

What’s the point?: This is the age of authenticity. People want to know who they are doing business with. When you connect with people you are building relationships. That’s what life is about anyways. Plus, connection gives your audience an opportunity to start to trust you. Most connection posts are perfect for getting comments and likes on. Both of these are great for the algorithm.

Why care so much about the algorithm anyways? Think of each platform as a business (because they are). Their goal is to get people to stay on their platform as long as possible. So they do their best to show people things they want to see. If your followers aren’t engaging with your posts, the platforms think they don’t like them and don’t want to see them so your reach is low. If people start to engage, the platforms decide they should probably show more people and see what happens.

So which type of posts are you using? Make sure to use a variety each month. Different people will relate to different things. And if you’re struggling to come up with content, let’s connect!

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