2020 word of the year

Last year was the first year I had a word. I really like words and when I saw everyone picking one I got excited, and I picked Embark. It was the perfect word for 2019. I was truly embarking on a new journey both professionally and personally. I reflected on the word throughout the year, reminding myself that this was just the beginning. Don’t get ahead of myself or impatient, this was the year to embark.

I’ve come to realize that when I hear or learn something the first time sometimes it doesn’t make sense to me. But if I just keep listening, come back to it or keep trying, eventually it will be so clear what it is. I remember as a young girl I was in dance classes. The first time a step would be shown or the routine would be taught I would continually mess up. But I knew, once I went home, got some sleep, woke up the next day, it would be much easier.

When I first started Kee Hart Marketing I had never professionally managed social media accounts. I had never run a company before. I was in a completely new space, and although I felt confident in my ability to produce great content, I didn’t know how to charge, how to track analytics, how to structure my contracts, and how to market my services.

I started 2019 meeting with other women in this space, asking tons of questions, taking tons of notes. I joined Together Digital San Antonio to immerse myself in a crowd of digital women. I attended workshops, conferences and meet ups. I listened to tons of podcasts, read a few books and did daily online research.

By the 3rd quarter I was moving forward very nicely. And into the 4th quarter I realized there was more of a personal growth journey I needed to embark on, so I put in that work as well.

Entering into 2020, my vision is clear. I have clear goals surrounding the revenue I hope to achieve this year, and how I plan to do it. I finally feel like there is clarity surrounding this journey I’m on. There are still so many questions to be answered. So many things to learn, books to read, podcasts to listen to, but I’m grateful for this new found clarity.

My goal with this word is to keep the focus. Set clear goals each quarter for my business, my relationships, my personal growth and my house. I’m so ready to take on this new year and new decade! Happy New Year, friends!!

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