Does my company need a Facebook?

Answer to the most asked question: “What social media platform do I need to be on?”

I get asked this question a lot. Do I really need to be on Facebook? I have a Twitter! What about marketing on Tik Tok?

Let me start with a question for you. Who is your ideal client? If you haven’t narrowed it down yet, click here. The reason this is so important is, you only need to be where your ideal client is. If your ideal client is between the ages of 16 and 24, Tik Tok might be the ideal place for you. If your ideal client is a corporate company, you’d be better off putting your efforts in to LinkedIn.

Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself. Now you know your ideal client. Let’s move forward. I’m going to talk about the 3 major platforms I use. There is plenty of information on the internet about every platform, but I will stick to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. I’m the most familiar with them and they are the platforms I use for lead generation, customer support and top of mind brand awareness. Plus, with people spending over 2 hours a day on social media, you absolutely need something.


How many of you have a Facebook? I saw most of your hands go up. This is why, in my opinion, I think your business needs a Facebook page. Although, use among teens has gone down, the overall amount of people on Facebook has remained consistent since 2016 and “globally, there are over 2.38 billion monthly active users on Facebook.” (Facebook, 2019) (Source:

I think your business needs a Facebook page

Jen Mckee- CEO | Kee Hart Marketing

What does this mean? If your ideal client is an adult in the United States, I believe Facebook is a great platform to start on. Since there are so many daily active users, you have the chance for many people to see your posts. And since you probably already have a network on Facebook, once you create your page you can easily invite those people to “like” your page or “follow” you. As they interact with your posts you will show up in their newsfeed, putting your content in front of their network. This will help you continue to grow your page.


Is your ideal client found on Instagram? If your ideal client is under 35, yes, 71% of Instagram users are under the age of 35. (Statitsa, 2019) (Source: Engagement rate is higher on Instagram then on Facebook and Instagram Profiles saw a follower growth rate of 17-33% during 2018. (

I personally find it much easier to grow a great audience of engaged users on Instagram. A real tribe of sort. Plus, you can go out and engage with other accounts from your business Instagram account. This will help bring awareness to your page, help you beat the algorithm and grow your following (you will probably even make some new friends). Although the audience is younger on Instagram, it is growing rapidly and use by the older generation is increasing each year. Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, you can easily cross post content making your job slightly easier. Just make sure you engage on both platforms.


This is the platform I’m the newest to, but is the most exciting to me (something shiney!). Not just that though, the statistics speak volumes. Think, networking event + relationship building, without ever leaving your computer. Plus, when it comes to delivering content and securing audience engagement, LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform. (LinkedIn, 2017) (Source:

So who needs to be on LinkedIn? Well, anyone could be, but especially if your ideal client is a business or corporate business people. Especially if you’re trying to reach those c-suite, CEO types. It’s the best social network for lead generation by far and it’s also the platform most used by salespeople to engage with their clients/prospects. 73% of B2B companies said they use it for this purpose. ( LinkedIn is on the rise these days. Be sure to jump on this platform if it’s a place that works for your company.

I leave you with 3 things:
1. Just start with one. Doing too much at once will be difficult and you’ll be more likely to give up or lose interest. All three platforms have advantages and can help bring brand awareness to your company
2. Be consistent. Once you’ve set up your page, it’s important to come up with a consistent plan. This includes both posting and engaging with followers and potential customers.
3. Engage. The point of social media is to be social. This is a huge, important part of it. All three platforms have different ways of engaging, but you have to show up in order to see any results.

If all of this still seems really cloudy or like a different language, I’d be happy to walk to through it. 73% of marketers believe that their efforts through social media marketing have been “somewhat effective” or “very effective” for their business (Buffer, 2019). Quit ignoring this powerful business tool.

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