November Marketing Ideas

There are so many holiday ideas you can use to strategize for your business these last months of the year. I’ve got some November marketing ideas, ideal for an restaurant or small business you have.

Hashtag Holidays

Every month there are A TON of different hashtag holidays you can find. I suggest you google “hashtag holidays for…[your industry]”. I’ve compiled a few good ones that I think would be easy to create social media posts or specials around, make sure and check out more complete lists like this one so that you don’t miss one very pertinent to your industry.
November is: #noshavenovember
Nov. 3: #nationalsandwichday
Nov. 5: #nationalredheadday
Nov. 8: #nationalcappuccinoday
Nov. 12: #nationalhappyhourday
Nov. 19: #internationalmensday
Nov. 23: #nationalespressoday
Nov. 26: #nationalcakeday

November Holidays

Dia de los Muertos festival community altar for Selena in Hemisphere Park, San Antonio, TX 2019

Besides the most obvious, turkey-type November holidays, there are others you can create marketing strategies and events around. Dia de los Muertos, Veterans Day, Diwali, and even daylight savings. You could create a community altar in your brick and mortar for Dia de los Muertos. You could offer free or discounted items to veterans and active duty military for Veterans Day. Get creative, use your imagination and stand out. Which brings us to the biggie:


Holiday baking at Twin Sisters Bakery & Café in San Antonio, TX.

In America, Thanksgiving is widely celebrated. Invite your customers to share with you what they are thankful for, either on social media or in the building. Create a social media campaign of all the things or people your company is thankful for (remember your customers and vendors). If you’re a restaurant offer holiday catering or special order baking. Create a giveaway that your customers can bring to their Thanksgiving party and invite your followers to enter online. Make sure you include your holiday hours somewhere!

Those big shopping days

Black Friday, Small business Saturday, Cyber Monday, which of these can you capitalize on? And if you plan on it, how? Are you going to run special deals? Start telling your customers now. Send out an email and start promoting on social media. See if you can partner with neighboring businesses to promote small business Saturday. Over 70% of Americans plan to shop on these days, so get ready.

While you’re thinking about November, keep December in mind. These are money months and marketing should be at the fore front. If you need help strategizing your social media, let’s get talking. Contact me today.

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