5 Things I learned at Start Up Week

For 4 years now San Antonio has hosted Start up week, and this is my second year attending. San Antonio has recently been called “City on the rise”, and if you live here, you completely understand. A city that was once the biggest small town you’ve ever been to has quickly become home to many tech start ups, downtown high rise condos, and a bunch of people in coffee shops and co-working spaces creating their own dreams.

That’s me y’all. You’ll find me at all these things, grateful to be in a city that is starting up. I don’t even need FOMO, I’m there, and it’s glorious. If you haven’t yet made it to a Start Up Week, put it on your calendar for next year. You won’t want to miss this gold mine of inspiration and industry leaders spilling all their secrets.

Let’s get to it though, top highlights of Start Up Week:

Maybe I SHOULD start a podcast

I’m a big time podcaster. Since I don’t have tons of time to read, I use my drive time to consume spoken content. I’ve posted 2 blog posts about my top podcasts so you may already know this. I attended 2 sessions at Start up week about starting a podcast. One was called “How to Start a Podcast in 30 Days” and the other was “The Impact of Starting a Podcast!”. I really enjoyed both of them. HTSAPI30D was very intriguing. The men were all extremely knowledgeable, and for the most part they were podcast producers, though they’d all run their own shows. TIOSAP was all podcast hosts that had a different perspective and 2 of them actually hired the first guys. Overall takeaways, starting a podcast can be inexpensive and fun. Do it until it’s not fun anymore AND if you’re a Geekdom member they have a recording studio that is available with your membership.


If you’re not using it as a huge opportunity to connect, you’re doing it wrong! I love start up week because it’s an excuse to see all my hard working “colleagues” (when you own your own small business, the other people in your industry can definitely be your colleagues) and I get the chance to meet lots of new people! Not to mention, introduce myself to all the speakers and let them know what resonated with me about what they had to say! Pro tip: When you’re at events like this, instead of just exchanging business cards, add your new connects on social media. This will give you the opportunity to truly start to learn about them and their business.

I’m going to start Growth Hacking

Apparently, I’m at a huge risk of owning a failed company. Although most start ups make it through the first year, only a very small number make it through the fifth! This means a ton of companies should bail and don’t know when. This is where Growth Hacking comes in. Basically, you treat your business like the scientific method. Hypothesize, analyze data, develop ideas, prioritize them, then test them, then you start all over. You constantly try new things for your business using the least amount of resources. It sounds genius, now I just need a plan for implementation. (Thanks Big Purple Fish for the knowledge!)

There are some incredibly savvy restaurant owners in San Antonio

Being that I’m in the restaurant industry, and that I do social media for the restaurant industry, I attended a few different events for restaurant owners. The speakers all had amazing missions and incredible knowledge into marketing, taking great care of the guests, and knowing when to pivot. I’m honored to have been in the audience and taking in their knowledge.

Do the thing

I have spent the last year intentionally growing my business. I’ve spent countless hours researching, studying and practicing how to grow Facebook and Instagram organically. When I saw Start Up week was happening soon, I reached out and was given a spot to present. I presented Monday afternoon and it was so fun! I got the opportunity to share something I’m passionate about, and then meet others trying to learn it too. My advice, speak at Start up week. Share your knowledge to better our community.

I’m so grateful to the people who put it on and the people who volunteered, donated time and money, and gave us all their knowledge. It’s important to spend time working on your business, not just in your business, and Start up Week was the perfect opportunity of that for me. And if you want help building your social media strategy, let’s talk!

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