Finding your IDEAL client

One thing I see A LOT of business owners struggle with is this idea of their ideal client. They have such a hard time narrowing it down because they either
1. Think everyone could use their product or service. (They don’t want to exclude anyone)
2. Have never really put a lot of time into thinking about who their ideal client is.

You may be thinking, Jen, why does this even matter? It matters for so many reasons. But most importantly, once you know who your ideal client is, you can start bringing these other potentials down your ideal client funnel. Plus, your marketing will be that much stronger and resonate that much more because you will know exactly who you’re talking to.

Step 1: It’s time to put in the time

Who is your ideal client? If you already have clients, start here. (Or think of a hypothetical client for now)
-Who spends the most money?
-Who has the type of problem you’re solving?
-Who gives you the most consistent business?
-Who do you enjoy working with the most?
-Who has gotten the best results from your product or service?
-Who has given you the most referrals?

Once you’ve answered all these questions start to create your Ideal Client Avatar:
-What is their gender?
-How old are they?
-What kind of job do they have?
-Are they married? Do they have kids?
-What do their finances look like?
-What kind of clothes do they wear?
-How do they spend their free time?

These types of specifics are so important so you know exactly who you’re talking to. This will allow you to relate with them completely.

Step 2: It’s time to research

Once you know who this person is, go find them! Maybe they’re already a client of yours. That would make things easier! But if not, search for this person. They might exist in your circle. If not, maybe your community. But you need to find them to get some insight.

Ask them questions. Find out why this product or service works for them. Why they would refer you. And especially, what would make them love it even more.

Reach out to people you’ve worked with in the past and ask them the same questions. This can help you figure out how to turn more customers into your ideal customer.

When should I start this?

ASAP!!! Yesterday! Quit creating content that’s about you and start creating content for your ideal client! Take 30 minutes today and do some reflection. And if you need support, that’s where I come in. Let’s talk today!

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