October Marketing Ideas

I mean really! It’s my favorite month of the year (am I the only one with a favorite month?) We even had our wedding in October because it’s such a great month. The only issue I have with October is, since I live in Texas, it’s still hot here. Like today for instance, first day of fall, 96 degrees as the high. Whatever, I still love this month.

It’s also got TONS of opportunity to market! So here’s just a few little October marketing ideas.

Hashtag Holidays

October hashtag holidays

These are my favorite! The above picture has a great list of food related hashtag holidays, which are perfect for creating a special around (or planning your social media posts. I also found this link of 15 offbeat holidays you can celebrate in October . Honestly, one thing I recommend to my students when creating content is to google your niche + hashtag holidays. This way you don’t miss one that could be important to your followers. Like October 6th (10/6) Mad Hatter Day or October 19- Evaluate you life day.


This one leans more towards bars and restaurants for sure, but why not throw a little festival. Although the actual Oktoberfest is celebrated in Munich, Germany, you could throw a weekend of beer and sausage!

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is a month of pink! There are many organizations that help support this cause and you can too. You could start a fundraiser, or wear pink to show support. You and your team could walk in a race.
It is also National LBGT History month, National Seafood month, and National Work and Family Month. Find an awareness that resonates with you and your brand and use it to make a difference.


Halloween family

My favorite holiday!! Why do I love Halloween? It’s spooky! We go all out decorating the house! And it’s so fun to come up with a character, create it and get the opportunity to embody it for a night or 2. What can you do with Halloween? Decorate! Host a costume party, or a trunk or treat. Partner with your local business neighbors for a block party. Make pumpkin flavored treats. Honestly, the options are limitless!

October holds so many possibilities when it comes to marketing! And all of these ideas lead to great social media content ideas. If you’re still looking for support, let’s connect!

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