What do I post?

What do I post?

How to come up with fool-proof content ideas for your social media.

So you started your Instagram for your business! Congrats! You took a big step. You committed to a name and a social media platform. I think Facebook and Instagram go hand and hand for the most part. But the point is, what the heck are you going to post? Here’s a few ideas to get you started. Get a pen and paper out, we’re going to start creating content.

Whooooo are youuuuu?

First, I want you to know 2 things about your business:
1. Who is you ideal client?
2. What is the story you are trying to tell? What is your purpose?
Once you can answer those 2 things, you can move on to creating content.

I like to start with YOU. The most important thing when it comes to content creation and social media is consistency. How many days a week can you realistically commit to posting? If it’s 2, fine. Just show up those 2 days with your message. The more you post (and engage) the quicker your account will grow, but consistency is numero uno.

Something special?

After you’ve answered the above questions, focus on your business. Are there any specials you’ll be running this month? Do you have any events or special sales coming up? Put all those things on your calendar so you remember to post about them.

#hashtag holidays

Next, look up hashtag holidays for whatever month you are in. I like to even niche down to your type of business because there are a lot. So look up “restaurant hashtag holidays” or “pet hashtag holidays”. You can start broad so you will see #grandparentsday then niche down so you find #beerloversday and #nationallobsterday (these all exist, guys) and they are great inspiration for content. Plus, you look like you are on top of it rather than struggling to find a picture for #pecancookieday. Here’s some September ideas.

While you’re on the topic of hashtags, find some that are relevant to your brand to use for regular everyday, days.
Do you see my point? If you theme everyday you will always know what to post. It can help keep you from writers block or just willy nilly posting (and guys, if you don’t like what you’re posting chances are your audience won’t relate).

Google that ish

When all else fails, I Google EVERYTHING. There are so many ideas out there, why are you trying to reinvent the wheel? If time is our most valuable asset, take yours back. If you own a clothing boutique google: “content ideas for clothing boutiques”, or say you own an auto shop, “content ideas for auto shops”. It’s all out there. Someone (or lots of someones) have already come up with some Ah-mazing ideas! Use them! That’s what the internet was created for.

If you’re still stuck, have no fear! I love coaching my clients through content help. Contact me today and let’s get started!

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