September Marketing Ideas

What a great month! The kids are back to school, football season is starting, and if you live here in San Antonio with me, it still feels like the dead of summer. I’m pretty sure today had the highest heat index this year so far.

But, I know those fall days are right around the corner! Soon, the temperature will break and those Sunday afternoon pool trips will be put on hold until next year.

There are so many great ideas to tie into your month of September marketing. Here are just a few:

September Marketing Ideas

Labor Day

This year, Labor Day falls early. And here in south Texas, the kids have been back at school already for a week or 2, so it becomes a great school holiday. This means more lunch business and earlier evenings. Why not throw an end of summer party? Or a special kids eat free day? Do you know why we celebrate Labor Day? It’s a tribute to the hard workers of America, so make sure and thank your employees that day and keep the celebration fun and easy!


Need I say more? The NFL season kicks off September 5th with Thursday Night Football. After you make sure your TVs carry the game, plan a huge kick off party with drink and appetizer specials! If you have a college team that’s popular in your town, make your spot the football headquarters for them. See if you can host the after party after the high school games. I don’t about your town, but we live and breathe football here. No matter what, there’s a crowd near you that would love a great place with great specials to watch the game.

Hashtag Holidays

These are always my favorite to plan around. They can be silly or really popular, but no matter what, they can help you plan great events or social media/blog content. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

September 7- National Beer Lover’s Day
September 11- National Day of Remembrance
September 19 – International Talk Like a Pirate Day
September 22– Car Free Day
September 23- First day of fall
September 25- National Lobster Day
September 28- National Drink Beer Day
September 29- National Coffee Day
September 29- Rosh Hashanah begins
September 30- International Podcast Day
There are literally so many of these and you can find them for any genre. Do some research and see what you come up with. Then, get to promoting!

First Day of Fall

September is the month we say goodbye to summer and hello to Fall! So why not decorate the place? Get your customers in the mood by bringing in some fall décor, scents and even (especially) flavors. It’s never too early for pumpkin everything! Well, not in September anyways.

It’s a new month! The start of the end of the year festivities. So have fun, get creative, and if you still need support please reach out! I’d love to help you plan your September!

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