February Marketing Strategy

Besides the obvious February Marketing (*cough*Valentine’s Day) , there are some creative and fun things to capitalize on in your February marketing strategy. When it comes to bars and restaurants, food related things are always good! But think about your brand and your story. How can you relate to your guests and bring out new guests, converting them loyal customers? Here are a few ideas for your February marketing strategy.

February Marketing Strategy

Sporting Events

February obviously has The Superbowl as a great event to capitalize on. What kind of food can you serve? Do you have great To-go deals for people to bring to their party? NBA Basketball has All-star weekend in the middle of February and MLB Spring Training starts at the end of February. All of these can be an opportunity to create special events at your restaurant or bar. Keep up to date with key players and teams. You can even post about them on your social media pages. Just be sure that whatever you’re posting about, aligns with your brand identity.

Hashtag Holidays

Hashtag Holidays #nationalmargaritaday

Sprout social published an entire calendar highlighting all of the popular “hashtag holidays”. These are holidays that are perfect to celebrate on social media! But why not involve your followers? Ask them to post pictures of them celebrating! Or maybe even offer a special discount if they come in that day. Here are some notable ones restaurants can celebrate in February:

February 9: #NationalPizzaDay
February 22: #NationalMargaritaDay
February 26: #PistachioDay

Community Partnership

What kind of things are going on in your community this month? That’s an easy one here in San Antonio! It’s rodeo season, great inspiration to add to your marketing strategy. Why not have a rodeo kick off party? Or deem yourself the (unofficial) Rodeo after party? You could have costume contests, karaoke, movie nights! The options are limitless and can be tweeked to fit whatever is going on in your community.

Whatever you choose as your inspiration, just be mindful of how it relates to your brand. If you don’t serve anything with pistachios, it’s not a good idea to build strategy around that date. But if you’re a country dancing bar, why not invite in all the rodeo goers. There is inspiration all around us for marketing. And the more you use outside inspiration, the more relevant you become.

Kee Hart Marketing & Events can help you set up your monthly marketing strategies. Contact us today before the first quarter of the year passes you by!

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