Valentine's Day marketing ideas

Valentine’s Day Marketing

It is almost February, if you don’t know what your Valentine’s Day Marketing plan is, it’s time to start planning. Even if you think these holidays can be silly, it’s the perfect opportunity for your restaurant or bar to stand out! Creating special events, no matter what they are, give your fans and followers a unique reason to come visit your establishment!

Things to keep in mind when deciding on a Valentine’s Day Marketing stategy:
Who are your usual, loyal customers?
What is your end result you are trying to accomplish with your V-day celebration?
^^These two questions can help you decide this one.
Who are you trying to bring in?
What have you done before and what worked?
What day do you want to promote? Actual day or weekend before/after?

Based on the answer to these questions, here are some ideas for ways to promote for Valentine’s Day:

  • Valentine’s Date night.
    • Make sure your yelp/website has an option for reservations. Decorate the room nicely, possibly including red roses and candles. Book some live music that would appeal to your audience. Create a custom menu that highlights great date night options. Include special dessert options.
  • Galentines Day.
    • This day is the day before Valentine’s Day, February 13th. Click here to learn more. This is a great holiday to promote to bring out the ladies! Theme your establishment towards girls night out (or even girls night in spa, robes and nighties). Decorate with pink, purple and black. Create drink specials the ladies will love. And I’ll tell you, the best think about bringing out the ladies is where the women are, the men will come.
  • Single’s Night!
    • There are plenty of people out there ready to drink their sorrows away (or just have a good night). Invite all the singles to come out and party! This blog post has plenty of great ideas to get party goers mingling.
  • Have a sexy party.
    • Engage your customers by offering blow jobs and buttery nipples. Create panty-dropping cock-tails and flights called
      ménage à trois. You get the picture.

Valentine’s Day Marketing is a great chance to bring in your guests! So get out there and start promoting! And if you need assistance planning your event, creating the marketing materials or promoting on social media, Kee Hart Marketing has you covered.

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