5 Tricks to Growing your Business Facebook page

You’ve created your Facebook business page! Great job! Now you’re probably asking yourself; “how do I get more followers?” “How do my potential customers know what’s going on?” “How is Facebook really going to help my business?”. Well, I’ve got all the answers!

    1. Make sure you are consistently updating your audience about what’s going on. And not just the sales. Give them behind the scenes looks and every day action. Then throw in the sales when they’re happening. Come up with a posting schedule and stick to it, every day.
  2. Increase check-ins
    1. Give your customers an incentive to check in at your place. When they check in, it shows up on their newsfeed and their followers get a glimpse of your spot. Even better, extra incentive to post a picture! Then you can share the picture and BOOM, content for you!
  3. Involve the community
    1. Take pictures of events you have going on. Use them in your Facebook story for the day and then use them for relevant posts. Just make sure the picture subjects knows they’ll be a social media star! Even better, let them know when they follow you on Facebook they’ll be able to find their photo and tag themselves.
  4. Engage with your community
    1. Be sure you are always responding to questions and feedback. Your followers are reaching out for a reason. Plus, the more conversation, the more likely it is to show up in their newsfeed, increasing the amount of eyes on your stuff!
  5. Meet people IRL

This is a bonus. The best way to create great engagement and grow your page is by creating relationships in real life! So meet your guests! Attend community events. Get yourself out there as a human and build relationships both online and off line.

Here’s the thing. Social media is a marathon, not a race. You won’t get 1000 followers over night. But your work will pay off with consistency. Give it 6 months or so to start seeing some results. Could be longer, could be shorter, but it will pay off.

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