5 reasons your restaurant should be active on Facebook

By now, almost everyone I know is on some form of social media (I do have a few friends that are very choosy about the ones they spend their time on :)) If you own a business and you’re not utilizing social media channels, it’s time to jump on board!

facebook blog post 1

If you don’t already have your Facebook business page set up, you will need to do that! Here’s a blog post on how.

  1. Facebook has 1.15 billion active daily users. Looking for new business? What better place to start. 83% of all women and 77% of all men are on Facebook, and check it multiple times a day!
  2. It is FREE to have a business page.
  3. It’s easy to quickly edit your Facebook page with specials and events. phillyoasis holiday hours
  4. When Googling your restaurant, your Facebook page will pop up at the top. If you don’t have one, you pretty much don’t exist.Kee Hart Google
  5. You can easily respond to your customer’s comments and questions. Such a great way to connect with your community!comments

There are so many advantages to putting your restaurant on Facebook. Don’t put it off any longer! Your Facebook page is step 1 to marketing your business online and there is no reason for you to miss out.

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