The reward of relationships

Alright guys, I’m no therapist here, but this weekend I learned a thing or two about relationships. Sunday, my brother and I threw a surprise party for my mom. It was her 60th birthday last week, and my mom loves the idea of surprise parties. My mom is one of my favorite people, she’s in my life every day. We talk on the phone multiple times a day and she watches our kids while my husband and I work. Not only that, she 100% supports my business and gives me time to work on it and let it grow.

So anyways, my brother actually came up with the idea to throw this party. He told me he’d get the decorations and I could invite the people. Thank goodness for social media! I found a cute little local bar that had an amazing space for this party, I created a Facebook closed group and I started going through her newsfeed to see who she was tagged with to make sure I got everyone.

Guys, about 40 people showed up for this party. Everyone kept coming up to me and my brother saying what a great job we did. We didn’t do anything. What really happened here was my mom built all these relationships, kept them nurtured and tons of people showed up. She is retired but still gets together with her teacher friends a couple times a year (she even threw a back to school party the week all the teachers had to go back). She gets together still with teacher friends she made almost 30 years ago! Those people came too. She bowls in 2 different leagues and plays bunco, you know those friends showed up.

the reward of relationships

Here’s my point. Sometimes I’ll hear people say “I don’t have any friends”. Friends don’t just happen. You have to keep the friendship alive, just like any other relationship. You have to keep talking to people, keep making plans, keep seeing each other. It is work. But the reward is amazing. The reward is a huge surprise party for your 60th birthday put together by your kids and Facebook. The reward is a community of people to surround you, celebrate with you, cry with you and just be there with you. That, my friend, is totally worth it.

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  1. Thank you for a beautiful party and a beautiful blog … Both in my humbled honor… I love you and Andy and my life. I’ve often said throughput my life that I’m one of the happiest people I know… It’s because of all of the wonderful relationships I love ❤️

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