Influencer Marketing

This is such a hot topic in the digital marketing world! I saw a great panel moderated by Christina Jovanna Olivarez @socialbutterflygal. The panel consisted of influencers Christina Coker @christina_coker, Rick Martinez @planet_boy and Stephanie Guerra @puropinchesa. There were some wonderful snippets of gold. I also learned more about how influencer marketing works and how useful it can be.

First, maybe you’re wondering what influencer marketing actually is. It can be used on a broad level (an influencer with thousands or more followers) but even to a smaller audience (an influencer with less of a following but a niche market of loyal, engaged followers). It’s the idea of using somebody who has influence over a group of people to bring your product or service in front of them. It goes along with the idea that people take advice from those they trust. An influencer has an audience that trusts them, so you’re essentially making your marketing job easier.

I’ve heard recently from an ex-blogger that she saw influencer marketing as fake, so I think it’s necessary to say, these influencers are usually endorsing things they believe in. They all talked about staying true to their brand and mission when it comes to sponsored collaborations. So it’s a win-win situation. I think like anything in business, you have to ask yourself, is it good for the influencer, for the brand and for the followers and then make the commitment.

Some key points from the influencers if you want to be one:

  • Stay authentic to yourself and your brand
  • Engage with your fans
  • Success is not about the numbers, but about the quality of who’s following you.
  • Always have a contract and a scope of work

At the end of the presentation there was a chance for questions. Someone asked about their “small business with not much of a marketing budget” and there were some great, passionate responses:

1. You might not quite understand the value of influencer marketing, and if you do, take some of the money you’re spending on other things and put it towards this.

2. (Take notes) CHANGE YOUR LANGUAGE! Don’t use disempowering words. Speak highly of yourself and your business. (I’m personally working on this one)

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