Story Telling That Moves People. A summary from SASW: presented by: Key Ideas Inc.

Guuuyyyssss, I really loved this one!  So, right before this lecture was the Momtreprenuer one. I can’t not mention it. It was a great panel of 4 #bossladies discussing how they try to balance the mom thing and running a business. It was very relatable, it was fun [they served champagne], I just don’t have tons of notes from it, so we will move on to the Story Telling lecture by Key Ideas Inc.


“Nothing is more important than your story.” <- This sentence was repeated multiple times! A story has power, it will connect you to other people. How do you tell your story? What are some things to remember?

  1. Be original. Don’t just say what everyone else is doing, make it personal. Who are you really? When you write about yourself you have more enthusiasm, you’ll be more energetic.
  2. Make it emotional, aim for the heart.
  3. BE CONSISTENT! I feel like I say this every week. Literally. Be the same every where, say the same thing inside and out.
  4. Simplify. Simplify your message to make it stick.IMG_20181113_073300_984.jpg

Do one thing really well. What are you the best at in the world? What are you  deeply passionate about? What drives your economic engine. Answering these questions can help you narrow it down.

When it comes to video story making- keep the length short. Videos are more likely to be  shared than an article.20181113_071529.jpg

When it comes to having faced difficult situations in your life, sharing your story can prove to be  therapeutic. The difficult situation you faced can now be  used for good. Create a space for story telling in the work place. It can give you the ability to move your team and attract talent.

I loved this lecture partly because of the message, but I really loved the short videos and examples Carlos Maestas used. He is a great story teller and Key Ideas Inc has really done some amazing work. Check out their website  for more information. And watch this video, the story about the new Frost Bank Tower in San Antonio. It is such a great story!

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