Mentoring (a summary of the presentation by VelocityTX at SASW)

Day 1 at San Antonio Start up Week was my biggest day! The next lecture I attended was about mentoring. A mentor is a huge benefit when you’re starting your business. VelocityTX is a resource in San Antonio for start ups and Krista Covey, the VP of Economic Development and Operations spoke on the  topic of mentors.Screenshot_20181105-174956_Instagram.jpg

Mentors do not have to necessarily be subject matter experts, just someone who is willing to motivate and challenge the mentee to achieve their goals. What are some qualities that make a mentor great? Someone who is approachable, honest, consistent. Someone who has integrity, is open and genuinely cares. Covey then listed 10 things to keep in mind during a mentor experience.

10. Experience matters- you want someone who’s “been there, done that”. Someone you can admire.

9. Make a connection. This is a relationship, make sure there is an authentic connection with someone you can trust. Mentees should feel challenged, encouraged and supported.

8. Build trust. You should trust them, they should trust you. This is a relationship.

7. Don’t be late! Respect each other’s time. Be on time, every time.

6. Know your “why”. People lose their way when they lose their why.

5. Be prepared. Come to the meeting prepared on what to discuss. Have questions and ideas  on what needs to be accomplished.

4. Have goals (and an agenda). Have a minute by minute agenda. Make 30/60/90 day goals. Goals should be measurable and attainable.

3. Make decisions quickly and firmly.

2. Take action. Ideas + action = change

1.Be grateful and PAY IT FORWARD!


There are resources in San Antonio as to where to find mentors. VelocityTX can help make referrals. There is also LauchSA that is a resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners. They also house The LiftFund Women’s Business Center and San Antonio SCORE. The UTSA Small Business Development Center is also a great resource.

The excuse “I didn’t know” or “I needed help” is not valid. Get in touch with one of these amazing city resources! Find a mentor! Research online! You have all of the information at your finger tips, when will you start?

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