How to Capture Potential Customers at a vendor event

Let’s talk about vendor events! I’ve attended some, I’ve vended some, I’ve even hosted some. I love them!

Meeting other people who are hustling just like you, so inspiring!

And talking about your business, so much fun!

But there is a huge thing I think a lot of people miss to close the sale: capturing potential customers information.

Ok, let’s say you got a table at an event. You paid money! But you only sold a couple things (or maybe nothing). It’s ok because you met a lot of cool people and felt really inspired and gave out your catalog and business card to a bunch of people, right?? NO! You missed a huge opportunity! Giving out your business card is so passive! How many times have you received someone’s business card and done NOTHING WITH IT! It lives in your purse or wallet now until you clean it out. Yes, the person/business sounded really cool at the time. But not cool enough to engage again. You need to be more aggressive! (In a non-threatening way of course) Come up with a plan to capture information! Here are some ideas:

Capture those potential customers at your next vendor event!

  1. Make a list. Everyone that stops by your table, you should be talking to. Before they walk away guide them to your list. Ask them to write down their name and email so you can get some more information to them/follow up with them about the product they were interested in/send them your newsletter/keep up with you. And then when they walk away, make a little note to yourself about what they were interested in. Part of getting the sale is building a relationship. Reminding them about a conversation adds familiarity.
  2. Have a giveaway. Who doesn’t want something for free? Ask people to drop a business card or fill out a raffle ticket to win a prize. Afterwards you can use those contacts to just check in. Don’t be obnoxious about it but follow up, maybe thanking them and reminding them about your product.
  3. Be creative about it! One time I attended an event and took pictures of people. I then gave them my business card and told them I would post the pics to my Instagram account and they could find it the next day. Guess who got some new followers? Those followers have now met me too!

The point is, don’t be so passive when it comes to your business. Sometimes people need to see something more than once before they purchase. There use to be a business rule called “The Rule of Seven” that people needed to see something 7 times before purchasing. Now they say, it just depends. So get information, follow up, be nice and approachable, be confident, BE YOU. You got this!

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